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PostSubject: TRAINING GUIDE!   Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:36 am

Ok i've only been here I think 2 days now and i've already hit 99 in 4 skills. strength, hp, range, and thieving, as i get more experienced I will update this:

For strength all i did was train at daggonths and daggonath kings for about an hour, best to bring food because they do hit (I have pray so i just use melee pro and had a full inven of prayer pots)

For range I was at rock crabs from 1-99. takes about an hour or two, but I have the head admin as proof. he was with me the whole time

For hp I just kept training range until i got to about 20m xp in range and then I hit 99 hp

For thieving, well its not hard. AUTO AT THE LVL 75 THIEVING STALL FOR 20 mins! xD (by the way this is GREAT money) I double my money from 64m to 140m really quick, took maybe. in total.. 1 hour to make 80m, and i have around 45m thieving xp

Crafting and herblore: now both of these are very hard, i've attempted them and im only 50 crafting and 15 herblore. These skills are going to take some time but it took about 20 mins to hit 15 herblore. and around in total 2 hours to hit 50 crafting.
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