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 "The Fallen"

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PostSubject: "The Fallen"   Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:30 pm

I'm pretty new to the server so I decided to make a clan. Our clan emblem or crest as you want to call it will be a legends cape.

There are 8 simple rules that I would like you all to follow:

1. Wearing a cape other than a legends cape in the wild will result in being backstabbed (bsed) and known as a traitor.

2. Being piled as a result of wearing a different cape may result in bannishment from the clan, and is allowed and encourged by clan members to follow (If you follow this well enough along with the other rules its a great way to gain rank ups).

3. Respect higher ups in the clan, meaning me, the queen, and the 3 corporals.

4. Do not beg for a higher rank, that will just be ignored and frowned upon. Also may result in temporary removal in the clan.

5. There is no sharing loots unless you (the person who gains the pk) decides to share. SO DO NOT COMPLAIN!!!

6. Attacking another clan member "accidentally" in the wild without appology will be automatically assumed a traitor and will be immediately bannished from the clan with no possible re-entry (If I see this it is something I will act upon HIGHLY).

7. Language is not a problem to me but please try to make it something that is minimal, we don't want a bad reputation with tons of muted people in the clan.

8. Last rule but not the least, BE HELPFULL TO EVERYONE, clan member or not they are still part of the community of SaintScape. NOTE: This does mean however that helping another player that is not in the clan in the wild may be bad, but it can lead to new members!

All people accepted into the clan will be edited into on this page. NO IMMATATORS WELCOME!!!

*IMPORTANT* If you are bannished from the clan for any reason and are wanting to try and rejoin the ONLY way is to send me a private message on the forums and I will review it and get back to you with an answer.

Rankings are as followed:

King - Me
Queen - Open spot
First Corporal - Open spot
Second Corporal - Open spot
Third Corporal - Open spot
Mercenary - Open to the top 3 pkers under the first second and third corporal
Slayer - Open to 5 people
Knight - Open to 10 people
Soldier - Open to 15 people

*IMPORTANT* Ranks are as of 3/29/11 based on a first come first serve basis until the clan is full. so join fast!!!

*IMPORTANT* Apply in the CLAN RECRUITMENT section of the forums ONLY, any apps under here will be ignored.

~Thank you
Owner and founder of "The Fallen"

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PostSubject: Re: "The Fallen"   Tue Mar 29, 2011 5:03 am

okay i want join. but, hard to get 99 magic... you can only buy 10's rune if you need 20k magic rune?Sad so. need to make "X" buy. and i get 99 magic too. Smile
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"The Fallen"
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