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 Server Rules READ!!

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PostSubject: Server Rules READ!!   Sun Mar 27, 2011 10:41 pm

Hello everyone,

Here are some rules you need to abide by while playing this server. Not following will result in punishment.

1. ALWAYS Respect the staff. We wont tolerate any disrespect and will punish accordingly.
2. Respect eachother! Come on who wants noobs. Just grow up and move on no need to argue.
3. No Rude language. 3 warnings then a mute will be used
4. No scamming or duping!- if we catch we will ban.
5. DO NOT ASK FOR STAFF if we need staff we will choose not you.
Looked Down Upon Actions
- botting
- All caps on yell
- annoying/ begging other players

Obey these rules and you will be fine. These rules do apply to anyone.

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Server Rules READ!!
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